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Our Dry Eye Specialists can relieve your discomfort, manage your symptoms, and support you to prevent further complications!

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Here at Halsted Eye Boutique, our philosophy has been the same since we opened in 2008 — approaching each patient’s needs with the goal of improving their life.

Regular eye exams are essential to maintaining healthy vision and identifying any potential issues early on. Our team of skilled Chicago eye doctors works together to provide tailored eye exam services to meet each patient’s unique needs and provide them with the care they need! Contact us today to schedule eye exam services in Chicago, IL.


The Importance of Eye Exams

Regular eye exams help to identify and correct any vision issues, which may arise due to various reasons such as age, lifestyle, and other medical conditions. Regular eye exams can also detect the early signs of eye diseases, including glaucoma, cataracts, and more. Early detection and timely treatment of these conditions can help preserve your visual health and quality of life.


Our Commitment to Personalized Eye Care

At Halsted Eye Boutique, we understand that every patient is unique and has diverse eye care needs. Our team of skilled optometrists in Chicago provides personalized care and strives to address each patient’s concerns to ensure the best possible outcomes. We use the latest technology and tools in the industry to offer the highest quality of eye care to our patients.

Our Comprehensive Eye Care Services

We offer comprehensive eye exams that evaluate your vision, eye health, and overall well-being. During your eye exam, we will assess your visual acuity, eye movements, and peripheral vision. We will also examine the internal and external structures of your eye to check for any signs of eye disease or conditions. Our comprehensive eye care services include:

  • • Annual Wellness Eye Exams
  • • Newest Non-Invasive Diagnostic Technology
  • • First-time wellness appointments
  • • Next-Day Glasses
  • • Specialty contacts
  • • Pediatric consultations and eye care
  • • Myopia control
  • • Dry Eye Management
  • • Keratoconus
  • • LASIK
  • • Systemic Disease and Cancer Screening
  • • Blepharoplasty (droopy lid surgery) consult & management
  • • Holistic Eyecare
  • • Emergency/Medical Treatment

Pediatric Optometry Services

What's unique about your approach to children’s eye care?

Our team of pediatric eye doctors focuses on educating our younger patients about their eye health. We also teach younger patients about the importance of preventing sun damage and wearing the appropriate glasses to see and do well in school.

Rather than just telling younger patients about the eye, we show them pictures and engagingly teach them so that they're not just knowledgeable, but are also empowered as they grow up and seek their own eye care.

We believe a child's first eye care experience should be a fun one. We are often the first eye doctors kids see, so we try to make that first experience a great one. Great eye health habits start when kids are young, so we want to make going to the eye doctor fun.

How do I know whether my child has a vision problem?

Only a trained ophthalmologist or optometrist can diagnose any potential problems with your child's vision or eye health. If your child has trouble reading, understanding signals, or finding objects, a vision problem can sometimes be the reason. It doesn't hurt to get your child's vision checked if you suspect a problem. Contact our pediatric eye doctors in Chicago today to schedule an appointment!

We love seeing kids and can make their first visit—at any age—fun and exciting.

What are the benefits of having my children's eyes examined when they're young?

We are extremely passionate about fitting younger children with the glasses they need when they're young because better vision can have such a dramatic change on their academic performance.

Children with clear vision are more social, active, and confident in school. We love hearing from parents whose kids are excelling in school or are being more social because they’ve had their vision corrected and can be more confident and capable because of our care.

Do you fit kids for contacts?

Yes! We generally recommend glasses for younger children because of the chance of infection associated with daily contact use; however, with the proper education, we are happy to help children find the right contacts for themselves.

We have a lot of younger patients who need contacts to play sports where they cannot otherwise wear glasses. Call our office or book an appointment to learn more.

Myopia Control

We love seeing your child grow, but not their prescription!

Why is this important?

  • If the glasses prescription continues to increase, this would increase your child’s risk of getting a retina hole, tear, or detachment. Depending on the location of a hole, tear, or detachment, this could result in a permanent compromise in vision.

  • Slowing the progression of a child’s prescription would also decrease their risk of getting glaucoma and developing cataracts earlier on in life.

  • If we can slow down the progression of your child’s glasses prescription, we could increase the chances of them being a candidate for LASIK later in life. If the prescription is too high, this is no longer an option later on.

  • If we can slow the progression of your child’s prescription, they will much better enjoy sports, have better peripheral vision when corrected, and have a better quality of life overall.

How can we slow the progression of Myopia?

  • Our office uses MiSight contact lenses, the ONLY FDA-approved form of Myopia Control Treatment. These are very comfortable soft multifocal contact lenses that help to encourage the stability of a prescription.

  • Any prescription increases seen with these lenses are far less as compared to studies of children who opted not to use these lenses.

  • These lenses have been through many successful studies and are FDA approved for the use of slowing the progression of Myopia.

  • These lenses are child-friendly and our Myopia Control Program patients start wearing lenses as young as 8 years old.

More Information On Misight Myopia Control Contact Lenses

Maintain your eye health and preserve your vision for years to come with comprehensive eye exams at Halsted Eye Boutique. Schedule your appointment today to experience the excellent care and advanced technology our team of Chicago eye doctors provides.

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